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Part of attending Flatiron School for software engineering involves writing blog posts every so often. Typically, students publish these articles to Medium or However, I viewed it as opportunity to also create my own platform. We only have a few articles so far, but I plan on continuing the site with a few friends contributing to it, and monetizing it through advertising.

The site:

Testing site, containing extra (fake) articles, to get more of a sense of the design:

The site is built with PHP, and leverages my custom image engine (that this site also uses), to make content management easy, and optimize image compression and sizing for the end user. The site is also fully SEO optimized, and has custom routing functionality, optimizing all requests for speed.

I envisioned, designed, and developed the site.

Homepage with featured articles
Code formatting and syntax highlighting
A growing team
Posts can be filtered by author, category, and sorted by date
Powerful typefaces and large images
Footer, links to different categories

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