Go Room

Video Chat / Poker Game

During the quarantine, I developed this application to enable people to play poker with built-in video chat online. I researched other options, and there seemed to be no good option out there to play Texas Hold-em with built-in video chat, and fast performance.

Try it out!

The application is built in Angular (9) (TypeScript), with a Ruby on Rails backend. The backend is deployed on Digital Ocean with MySQL. The app connects to a poker game running on seperate server, over websockets (via Socket.io). The poker backend runs on Express.js, and I built the real-time poker gameplay engine from scratch.

The site also features automatic "anonymous" authentication, allowing user to try the site, play a game, and interact as a full user, before ever having to register an account or sign in, to make it easy for everyone to quickly join and play.


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